It is day 339 on my photo-a-day project (started on Jan 1, 2013). As part of the project, I am each day posting one photograph (from given day) to Technical setup is based on Octopress blogging software in home computer and Amazon S3 as a website for static html and image files. Big part of the year, publishing was done by copying markdown file from previous day to a new filename, modifying it, regenerating blog content and copying it into Amazon.

Nowadays my typical blog posts have title, image (title also serves as alt message for image) and used camera lens as blog content (pretty slim, but …). As such it was excellent target for automation. I eventually came up with (@GitHub) that takes image name and title as command line arguments. Date and camera lens information is taken from photograph’s EXIF information, title is used for URL name and classes from assets_on_octopress.AssetsFixer will resize photograph to right size and place.

With this setup, my workflow is now cut down to

# ~/photos/jpg/2013/12/PC012345.jpg "title of post"
# rake generate
# rake preview
# s3cmd sync --acl-public ../public/ s3://